Ulrike Pahl's anima mundi work is subtle but very powerful.  After the first workshop, I felt a strong, unusual and very unexpected connection with with the light of the world, and this stayed with me consciously for several days. Justine Huxley

Ulrike Pahl’s shamanic singing creates an immaterial and vibrating thread that brings light and love into the forgotten inner world of the archetypes, those primary forces of life. It  awakens them and at the same time lifts them into our consciousness again. In the guided journeys we rediscover our connection to the symbolic world which we have considered non-existant  for such a long time. This world tells us what it lacks and what it needs to be able to return into our life. Ulrike Pahl’s workshops offer a wonderful and touching way to the magic of life. Taking part in them makes it possible to experience change in the inner world and in us. Sabine Reinhardt-Jost

In the Anima Mundi workshop a connection to the Soul of the World is created in a very simple way and in this very simplicity lies great healing power. Anke Frantzen