Anima Mundi

The tree of the world is an ancient symbol for the soul of the world. As every human being has a physical body and a soul so the world is a living organism with a soul. The Anima Mundi is the soul of the world.

At present the soul of the world is asleep because we have denied our connection to it for centuries. We see the world only as dead matter and exploit it for our purposes. This one sided view of the world has taken the colour out of life. The divine music that lives inside creation has died. Memories of the wonder of magic only exist in the fairytales and myths of humanity. The light of the soul of the world that is woven into all of matter is not visible for us any longer.

If we take this inner step and go over the bridge we enter into the realm of the archetypes. This realm is part of the Anima Mundi. There it is possible to make a connection to the soul of the world for each of us carries a spark of her light inside. When we become conscious of this light and give it back to the Anima Mundi then the soul of the world can awaken anew and magic will return into life.